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Schedule a Field Sample


Crop ready for its sample to be taken?
Submit this form 30 days prior to harvest.

Sampling should be done within 30 days before harvest. You will be contacted to arrange for a sample date and time during that time frame.


Preferred Lab to Do Test
Preferred Lab to Do Test

Field Sample Information


*Indicates required field before form is submitted


If you have more than one sample, please continue. Otherwise click here to go to bottom of page to submit the form.


Have more than two samples to test? Please call 855-776-8570 to add more samples to your appointment.



For AgWin HATS to conduct the pre-harvest sampling, the licensee and/or designated representative must be present on the day/time of sampling.

The results from the sample will be complete within 72 hours. plus shipping time. It will cost $300 for the first sample, $200 for samples 2 – 4, and $100 for the 5th sample and beyond, provided the samples are from same grower, taken at the same time within 3 miles of the first sample taken.


Once your form is submitted, we will contact you to schedule a date and time the sample will be taken. We will then contact your State Inspector once the sampling has been scheduled.

Thank you for scheduling your test. We will be in touch soon to schedule your appointment.

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