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The Testing Protocol

HATS Sampling Agents follow all USDA Hemp Sampling guidelines when taking field and greenhouse samples of Hemp for THC Compliance.


HATS is further expanding the USDA Sampling guidelines to assure we have adequate material to complete the initial sample and have enough remaining material to conduct further tests in case it is needed.


USDA requires 1 terminal bud be cut 5-8 inches long (5-8 inches from the tip of the bud). For greenhouses and field grown less than one acre, HATS is requiring samplers to cut a minimum of 1 terminal bud and at least 4 other cuttings from the top 1/3 of the plant. The other 4 cuttings should be 5-8 inches measured from the tip of the buds. For more than one acre and up to ten acres add one terminal bud per each additional acre (this is according to USDA guidelines).  For fields over ten acres use the USDA. For situations with very small number of plants samplers please contact Clifton Parker 919-795-9591 for further guidance.

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