The Testing Process

The Licensed Hemp Grower will contact the State Department of Agriculture or USDA, according to the licensed agreement, or may contact HATS through this website. The grower will give notification that the hemp is ready for the pre-harvest sampling. HATS will contact the grower to confirm location and number of samples and tests needed. HATS will charge the growers credit card for the sampling and testing.


HATS will assign the field rep/sampler assigned for that area or county. The field rep will contact the grower to schedule a time to come and cut the samples. The grower should have a representative at the time of the sampling.


The Field Representative will cut the appropriate samples and put it in a sealed package. The package will contain a QR Code that connects that specific sample with its origination.


The sample will be sent to a DEA certified laboratory the day of obtaining the sample. Results from laboratory will be sent via email 72 hours after the sample was collected plus USPS shipping time. The results will be made available to appropriate State Department of Agriculture or USDA, and the hemp licensee.

Samples will be tested for the following:

  • THCa

  • Δ9-THC

  • Δ8-THC

  • THCV

  • CBDa

  • CBD

  • CBDV

  • CBNa

  • CBN

  • CBGa

  • CBG

  • CBCa

  • CBC