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Testing Benefits

According to Federal statute and USDA regulations, as well as most state regulations, hemp growers need to be licensed and have their hemp tested for THC pre-harvest.

HATS, as your independent third-party sampler, will come to your greenhouse or field at the time your hemp crop is ready. Our trained field reps will take the required cuttings, put them in a required package and affix a QR code unique to your sample, and send it to the DEA approved laboratory via USPS Priority Mail. The DEA approved laboratory will make the required tests. The lab will send notification of the results to your State Department of Agriculture or USDA and to you the growers.

Do you want to accept your buyers test results, or do you want to know what your hemp crop results before you offer it to the processors? HATS sampling and testing is independent and secure. No one can tamper with the sampling, samples, or test results.

To get started, go to your state on the drop-down menu on this website to see the cost to you. There is a significant discount for two or more samples and additional tests are also available should you need them for potential buyers.

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