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Improving the Integrity of
Hemp Growers
Hemp Administrative Testing & Sampling

HATS is an independent third-party sampling service. HATS will come to your hemp licensed farm or greenhouse and collect a sample of your pre-harvest hemp to have it tested for THC to satisfy the statutory requirements.


HATS and its contracted laboratories will notify you and the state or USDA of your compliance. By using HATS your regulatory burden is satisfied and you have third party documentation of your compliance.


AgWin’s trained field reps will take the sample from the grower’s fields or greenhouse and send it to the laboratory and have the results back in 72 hours, plus USPS travel time.


Our DEA qualified laboratories can also conduct all the required THC tests as well as CBD and any of the additional tests including pesticide, terpenes, mycotoxin, heavy metals etc.needed for potential buyers. 


We can validate your quality hemp crop!

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