North Carolina

North Carolina Testing Benefits

Eurofins will not only test for THC, but it will also test for Delta-9 THC%, THCA%, Total THC%, CBD%, CBDA%, and Total CBD%. Buyers of hemp crops want to know the quality of product they are purchasing, and having this information from Eurofins will give them the confidence to purchase hemp from growers who participate in the HATS Program.


The results from the sample will be complete within 72 hours. plus shipping time. It will cost $300 for the first sample, $225 for samples 2 – 4, and $150 for the 5th sample and beyond, provided the samples are from same grower, taken at the same time within 3 miles of the first sample taken


Our Eurofins DEA qualified laboratories can also conduct all the required and any of the additional tests including pesticide, terpenes, mycotoxin, heavy metals etc. needed for potential buyers. We can validate your quality hemp crop.

Letter from NCDA&CS to
North Carolina Hemp Licensees

The North Carolina Hemp Pilot Program under 02 NCAC 62 .0103 requires all plantings of hemp to be subject to sampling and testing for THC levels by the Plant Industry Division. License holders are responsible for notifying the Plant Industry Division at the time of initiation of floral buds.

North Carolina Field Representatives

The Field Representatives selected for this project have many years of experience in farming, agriculture and crop insurance loss adjustment. They include:

  • F. Calderon

  • T. Cameron

  • D. Gaddy

  • R. Gregany

  • W. Harrlfeld

  • B.Hering

  • J.Nobles

  • C.Parker

  • J. Peele

  • J. Perdue

  • R. Sellers

  • T. Simmons

  • R. Tharrington

  • A. Wiggins.

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